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  1. Congratulations Amélie et Lauréanne! In pursuit of its growth strategy, BOURASSA BOYER is proud to announce the appointment of Mrs. Amélie Rhéaume,CPA auditor, and Mrs. Lauréanne Tardif, CPA auditor, as partners (...)
  2. 2021 is starting with a sense of hope and determination which drives entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges they will face throughout the year. This hope (...)
  3. Although 2020 has been an especially challenging year for many of us, we strongly believe in the importance of spreading a message of hope for (...)
  4. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients

    Over the next few years, we at BOURASSA BOYER want to develop a series of proactive strategic initiatives that will help our clients grow in an increasingly competitive, fast-paced and continuously evolving market. BOURASSA BOYER will now designate the activities of all of our entities, Bourassa Boyer Inc., Bourassa Boyer Juri-Fisc Inc., Bourassa Boyer Solution Inc., BSR Notaires inc. and Bourassa Boyer Ontario Professional Corporation.